ATICS®, the worldwide safest and most compact All-in-one changeover and monitoring device for safety-relevant and medical applications

Stringent requirements are imposed as regards the reliability of power supplies for medical locations. The standard IEC 60364-7-710 / DIN VDE 0100-710 provides the basis for this application. This standard requires that power be supplied by two independent sources and the application of an unearthed power supply system (IT system) with insulation monitoring for Group 2 locations. 

The new changeover and monitoring devices of the ATICS®710 series are the ideal solution for this task. For the first time, it has been possible to accommodate both the switching elements and the electronics together in an extremely flat, compact enclosure. The modules utilise a new safety concept that corresponds to SIL2 (Functional safety according to IEC 61508). The patented switching technology integrated in the power section ensures reliable changeover by mechanical and electrical interlocking and also high dynamic strength of the contacts. The insulation, load and temperature monitoring module accurately checks/controls the IT system and reports variations at an early stage. Furthermore, a test current generator allows the integration with an earth fault location system. Operating status and alarm messages are transmitted to alarm and indicator units or SCADA systems via a bus system. 

Additionally, the trend-setting integrated ATICS® concept provides essential features, such as history memory for events or reminder for periodic tests. For safety-relevant applications in 1- and 3-phase power supply systems, we offer devices up to 160 A. The ATICS®-device for nominal currents up to 125 A is designed to be connected completely by plugging in. The manual operation mode in combination with a bypass switch allows maintenance activities to be carried out during operation without interruption. That means that service work can be easily performed during operation. 

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