Modern hospitals are installing PACS viewing stations at multiple points around their facilities. Those destined for operating rooms have to meet special requirements, including being fundamentally hygienic, being easy to operate and compact in size.
A wall mounted PACS, with twin screens allows comparison of two images or patient histories and clinical notes. Its clinical grade membrane keyboard operation means the whole unit is wipe clean. The slim-line design reduces its space requirement, thus maximising possible mounting locations.

Existing operating rooms can become cluttered with new equipment, so Bender has developed a PACS that mounts into existing Theatre Control Panels. All cabling is handled through the Control Panel, rather than trailing across the floor. Full Twin screen capabilities are available.

Please note that the integrated PACS designs shown can be manufactured as standalone solutions and are shown for example purposes only. As an OEM Bender can design and manufacture bespoke PACS solutions according to the wishes of our clients and the budget for the project.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirments.

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