Industry standards, including IEC 60364-7-710 and HTM06-01, require that if a hospital’s main power supply fails an alternative should kick-in within 0.5 seconds, at least in areas where isolated power is installed. And for some electronic equipment even this is too long.

Electrical power supplies and IPS systems can have their reliability enhanced with Uninterruptible Power Supplies, ATICs and back-up generators.
UPS systems can be supplied as standalone units or for enhanced resilience, may be configured as N+ 1 solution with single, double or triple input supplies. Isolated Power Supplies configured with ATICs and N+1 UPS systems are often considered the most resilient solutions available.

Alarms and diagnostics from the various elements of the system can be integrated to provide operational reports, predictive forecasts, current and emergency information.

This can be supplied directly to theatre staff, facilities managers and other appropriate people.

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