Network Rail approved electrical safety for signalling systems and trackside power installations

Rail operators are faced with demanding daily challenges to ensure the safety of the UK’s rail networks and to maximise the availability of thousands of miles of track.

Significant financial penalties are imposed on the rail operators for signal failures which impact on the uptime availability of the infrastructure. It is therefore crucial, that the time taken to identify and repair rail faults is a quick as possible.  

Continuous monitoring of the various power supply systems (an integral part of the track structure which guarantees electrical safety) is a key element in ensuring that operations run smoothly.

Bender UK has worked closely with Network Rail to develop electrical safety system solutions that are approved for use across the UK.  The electrical safety solutions deliver continuous monitoring of railway electrical systems and equipment for earth faults and insulation failure - immediately informing maintenance teams about potential problems before critical operating issues arise.

Bender UK rail system protection capability also includes monitoring of rail switch points heating units and motors, and control voltage network monitoring for railway crossings.


Unearthed IT Power Systems:

  • Signalling power supplies
  • Signal systems
  • Level crossings
  • Points heating

Earthed power supplies:

  • Signalling power supplies


  • Trackside
  • Stations
  • Signal boxes
  • Primary supply point (PSP)
  • Functional supply point (FSP)




  • Increased Electrical Safety
  • Improved System Reliability
  • Reduced Financial Penalties
  • Lower Installation time and costs
  • Quicker Fault Location
  • Reduced Down Time
  • Enables Planned Maintenance Regime
Rail brochure (pdf download)


  • RS3 integrated insulation monitoring & earth fault location system
  • RS/PELI portable insulation monitor
  • Portable earth fault location system EDS3065
  • RS/IMD425 insulation monitor for single feeder cable systems below 300V
  • RS/IMD265 insulation monitor for single feeder cable systems over 300V
more information: rail brochure
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