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Bender UK appoints Sam Parry to strengthen the Clinical Sales Team

Bender UK has appointed Sam Parry as the company’s new Clinical Sales Consultant to support health trusts, hospitals and private medical facilities in...

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Bender launches new isoHR685W-D-B LIM for subsea cable insulation monitoring

The ISOMETER iso685 is a market leading insulation monitoring device used worldwide in unearthed IT system [AC, AC/DC and DC power supply...

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Bender UK system detail available in BIM 3D modelling

Medical IT isolated power systems and surgeon’s control panels manufactured by Bender are now available in BIM (Building Information Modelling)...

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Data Centre World

21. - 22.03.2018

ExCel London, booth D25

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We give you our word – we make electricity safe

BENDER UK is part of the global German owned BENDER Group

Bender is synonymous with quality worldwide. Our intention to focus on electrical safety is a pledge we make to both our existing and future customers. We have been doing our best every day for over 65 years with this goal in mind.

We are committed to using innovative technologies to find solutions for your particular sector and application in order to guarantee the ultimate in electrical safety for people and machines.

We are always there for you, providing comprehensive and informed advice and supporting you from planning to implementation and beyond. Our Service Dept. is available daily, enabling you to contact us whenever our expertise is required.

Bender - The Power in Electrical Safety



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Innovative Bender developments to provide the best customer-specific solutions.

Electrical safety for floating/ungrounded power systems
ISOMETER®, Isolation monitors, Ground fault detection – Ground fault location - Ground fault relays

Power distribution for hospitals
MEDICS® – the integrated safety solution for medical locations.
ATICS® automatic transfer switching device, Isolated Power Systems (IPS)

Electrical safety for grounded power systems
Residual current monitors RCM, RCMA for AC and DC - Residual current monitoring systems RCMS for Multi-channel applications

Power Quality
Universal measuring devices (also power analysers) of the PEM product line record all relevant electrical quantities of electricity networks and provide transparency for electrical installations.

Measuring and monitoring relays
Loop monitors for ground continuity, 1AC/3AC/3NAC Voltage relays, 1AC/3AC/3NAC Current relays, Phase Monitoring, Phase Sequence, Phase Asymmetry

Making efficient use of renewable energy
isoPV for isolation monitoring in solar systems – EDS for quick and reliable localization of ground faults in solar systems - VMD460 for reliable electricity infeed through renewable power plants (monitors voltage and frequency)

Testers for medical electrical equipment
UNIMET® stands for standard-compliant tests and measurements, easy operation, wide interface variety and high-quality service.