An Integrated Operating Theatre – Our Approach Webinar

Date: 24th June 2020

Time: 3 PM UK time (UTC+1)

Language: English

Duration: 1 hour (with Q&A)

Bender UK is a trusted supplier of critical care power and theatre solutions for group 2 medical locations.

With significant knowledge and experience in the design, installation and service of turnkey theatre solutions, OpenOR technology has been a natural progression for Bender UK's hospital business unit team.

As exclusive distributors of Merivaara theatre technology (including operating tables, lights, and OpenOR) Bender UK can now deliver a fully integrated theatre system with future-proof OpenOR technology.

This webinar will detail the Merivaara OpenOR solution, theatre integration, and control of the entire operating theatre.

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Presenter: Stephen Coleman BSc, Clinical Sales Manager at Bender UK.

Formally a Rehabilitation Specialist, Stephen has more than 10 years-experience of working on hospital new-build and theatre refurbishment projects and has significant knowledge of clinical environments. Stephen has worked at Bender for over 5 years, and is an expert in operating theatre solutions, Merivaara Q-Flow surgical lights and OpenOR systems.

Key topics: 

  • Integrated Theatres overview
  • The inputs and outputs for OpenOR technology
  • Specification and features of OpenOR
  • Live demonstration and case study examples 

Key learning points:

  • Structure and design of an Integrated Theatre
  • Key features of an operating theatre
  • What medical devices can be integrated
  • How to control at Integrated Theatre with the intuitive touch-screen controller OpenOR 
An Integrated Operating Theatre – Our Approach Webinar