Bender – 7 decades of experience in the mining industry

Bender has a 70-year history founded in the mining industry. We are pleased to showcase our background at our first ever UK mining event - Hillhead.

Company founder Walther Bender patented the first insulation monitor to forewarn developing causes of electrical failure in mining applications - detecting potential loss of power to vital underground services.

Today Bender has a huge history of innovation in electrical safety solutions used in mining applications throughout the world. Products include: insulation and residual current monitors, earth fault detection systems and power quality meters.

Bender products improve the safety of operations for underground workers, help prevent equipment downtime and enhance the safety of mining operations.  Solutions monitor and detect faults in systems offline and online in areas such as air conditioning, manufacturing, processing and the entire electrical infrastructure.

Recently Bender launched a new neutral grounding resistance (NGR) monitor NGRM700 for the continuous monitoring of the NGR and fault currents in high resistance grounded systems.

Bender UK supports a range of critical infrastructure sectors.  A team of technicians and engineers are available 24/7 delivering service, commissioning and technical support to demanding industry applications which cannot afford to lose power.


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Bender – 7 decades of experience in the mining industry