Bender UK install two new Chargespot Berlin electric vehicle charge stations at Ulverston HQ

New Bender Chargespot Berlin charge stations are now in operation at Bender UK office in Ulverston, Cumbria.

The charge stations have been installed to showcase Bender charging technology and to enable the constant increase of visitors and staff with electric and hybrid vehicles to charge their own vehicles.

Manufactured by EBEE a Bender company, with Bender components inside, the Chargespot Berlin is a complete or modular Mode-3 electric vehicle (EV) charge station providing safe, fast charging for public and commercial applications. It is designed to mount on streetlight columns, street furniture and walls and is perfectly suited to own brand and development charge stations, with the benefit of being off-the-shelf, reducing the time and cost of development and testing.

The charge stations are fully working models to show to customers visiting Bender UK. It allows Bender UK sales and technical personnel to demonstrate the industry leading capabilities of the charge station and its internal smart grid capable Bender CC612 Charge Controller. The OCPP 1.5 and 1.6 compliant CC612 monitors the Chargespot Berlin internal hardware is also purchased by third-party manufacturers to monitor the integrity of their own charge stations.

In recent years significant growth in the development of EV has led to a steady uptake in the adoption of new generation vehicles. With the Road to Zero meaning the end for petrol and diesel cars by 2040, the demand for EVs will continue to escalate. With this in mind, and as a company with over a decade of experience in EV solutions, Bender is staying ahead of the game by ensuring that they are well equipped for the imminent rise in the purchase and use of these vehicles.

Charging at work is convenient, enabling users to simply plug in and return to a fully charged vehicle.  Bender UK is committed to a greener, carbon free future. The company already has hybrid vehicles in its fleet, and anticipates that the company and its staff, will invest in more EVs in the future. 

Bender UK install two new Chargespot Berlin electric vehicle charge stations at Ulverston HQ