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Turnkey theatre projects strengthen Bender’s position

Bender UK has strengthened its position as a supplier of critical care and operating theatre equipment with completion of two theatre installations in the UK.

The projects perfectly demonstrate the partnership between Bender and Steris Surgical Equipment which manufactures a range of medical technology and equipment.

The Bender scope of supply now includes Steris pendants, LED surgical lighting and theatre integration systems, and third party UPS systems.  All of the equipment is supplied, commissioned and maintained post installation by Bender’s 24/7 technical service department.

The latest installations include the new Steris XLED lighting system.  This unique modular system completely rethinks the surgical lighting concept with its innovative design.  XLED provides the ideal intensity and quantity of light for each application up to 160,000 Lux, including endoscopic procedures, with white LEDs offering up to 40,000 hours operational life, lower heat output and enhanced energy efficiency.

The XLED system provides a choice of spots to meet every surgical need, all configured to optimise the laminar flow of light and produce patterns perfectly arranged to remove shadows and maintain even illumination, enhancing patient safety and eliminating the rainbow effects that can lead to visual fatigue.  The system ensures excellent colour rendering with particularly good performance on the various shades of red which is vital for identifying tissue, blood vessels and bones.  It is operated by dual controls which are directly accessible from the lighting suspension or using the wall-mounted touchscreen.

The image featured is of a Bender theatre installation project.  For further information and to access a digital copy the February 2013 publication visit:

Turnkey theatre projects strengthen Bender’s position
Turnkey theatre projects strengthen Bender’s position