SensorPRO – a new development in Bender Residual Current Monitors for even smarter networks

A new improved range of SensorPRO residual current monitors (RCM) is available from Bender.

A new improved range of SensorPRO residual current monitors (RCM) is available from Bender.

Three new Bender sensor ranges have been announced - Modular, Compact and Split Core. Resulting from recent product investment the new improved sensors are designed for use in demanding industrial applications. With improved functionalities, enhanced flexibility and modular construction, the SensorPRO range is simpler and less expensive for users to integrate, install and retrofit into electrical installations, machinery and final circuits.

Modular RCM – MRCDB300/RCMB300 Series

The new improved intelligent modular RCM measures AC/DC current in earthed systems from 20kHz - 100kHz. These 24v powered single channel CTs have greater sensitivity up to 100kHz enabling faster, more effective fault-finding and enhanced system protection.

The sensors have integrated open communications interface to Modbus RTU facilitating links to PLCs, building management systems and other smart networks. The networked communication via universal interfaces and protocols enables sophisticated data collection and a step away from manual data collection as expected by the internet of things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

The modular CT sensor comprises housing, core and winding and is coupled with a Type B CT electronic module CTUB10X or MRCDB30X and RCMB30X.  Incorporating magnetic shielding for applications over 500 amps with high, rapidly changing inrush and pulse currents these new residual current monitors are perfect for welding applications, power distribution, sub-stations and oil and gas platforms.

More cost effective and easier to integrate, this new modular range saves space, reduces installation time and ongoing maintenance costs.  Available in sizes 20, 35, 60, 120 and 210mm diameters, the smart, intelligent sensors match the expectations of electrical engineering teams. The modular future proof design and size range is perfect for customised requirements, reducing the cost and number of components required in design and build, and enabling simpler swap and replace of components in future system reworks and upgrades.

Compact RCM - RCMB13X Series

The RCMB13x series delivers AC/DC sensitive residual current measurement up to 2 kHz and 100mA, combining sensor technology and evaluation electronics in a single-channel smart 15mm device.

Utilising standard 24v power supply the integrated RS-485 interface with Modbus RTU allows the sensor to communicate with higher level systems, or alternatively with a pulse width modulation (PWM) where Modbus is not available. 

More compact in size, the new sensors are more affordable and cost efficient to use. They are suited to OEM, manufacturing, machinery and power distribution applications units such as tap-off boxes and data centre bus bars - a regular source of current leakage. The sensors are available in PCB or DIN rail mount options.

Split Core RCM - RCMB330/CTBS25

New fully certified RCMB330 is the first split core CT clamp-on monitor for AC/DC current fault finding to be developed by Bender. It delivers AC/DC residual current measurement for critical industry applications installations that cannot tolerate loss of power or shutdown. Installation of these devices without shutting down is now possible making installation fast and easy, eliminating costly power downs.

The 25 mm diameter RCMB330 employs a standard 24-volt power supply and monitors AC/DC currents up to 2000mA with frequencies up to 100 kHz and incorporates an open interface enabling it to communicate via Modbus RTU.

Lisa Hudson, Marketing Manager said: “Bender is committed to the investment in continuous product improvement. We have listened to the needs of customers to develop this new approved SensorPRO range that delivers huge advancements over previous technology variants, offering significant benefits to designers, installers, OEMs and operations teams running critical infrastructure applications”.

Our dedicated industrial and technical team support application, design, installation and the trial of Bender new SensorPRO devices. Contact us here for more information on the new range of devices.

 SensorPRO – a new development in Bender Residual Current Monitors for even smarter networks