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Manually reading device data is both time consuming and an expensive use of engineer time. With the COMTRAXX® COM465 from Bender, you easily review your entire system via remote access from anywhere in the world. With the appropriate interfaces, you can integrate not only Bender devices but also third-party devices into your plant monitoring system. The integrated web server provides you with a simple overview of the status of your electrical system on your computer.


3 Software Features for Free

To celebrate Bender’s 75th anniversary, the COMTRAXX® COM465IP and COM465DP will now come with real added value for free. Three of the six integratable function modules, normally available for an additional cost, are now our gifts to you. With this software, it is possible to create individual commands for system parts, send e-mail notifications in the event of an alarm, set measuring devices via computer, and create virtual devices and integrate them into the system.

Our Presents to You

Whether you already own a COM465 or are about to purchase one, you will receive this software for free.

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Function Module A:
Create individual texts for system parts, device failure monitoring, e-mail notifications in the event of an alarm.

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Function Module C:
Set measuring devices via PC.

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Function Module E:
Create virtual devices and integrate them into the system.