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ISOMETER® IR155-3210

ISOMETER® IR155-3210

  • Insulation monitoring device (IMD) for unearthed DC charging systems (IT systems) for DC charging stations according CCS standard
  • Continuous measurement of the insulation resistance 0…10 MΩ, factory-set preconfigured response values
  • IT systems up to 0…800 V
  • Short-circuit protected driver outputs for fault detection and PWM coded Iso measuring value
  • Power supply suitable for 12 V and 24 V systems

The ISOMETER® IR155-3210 monitors the insulation resistance between the insulated and active HV-conductors of an DC charging stations according CCS standard (Un = DC 0…800 V) and the PE. The patented measurement technology is used to monitor the condition of the insulation on the DC side as well as on the AC motor side of the electrical drive/charger system. Existing insulations faults will be signalised reliably even under high system interferences which can be caused by motor/charger control processes, etc.

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  • Suitable for 12 V and 24 V systems
  • Automatic device self test
  • Response time < 2 s after power on for first estimated insulation resistance (SST)
    – Response time < 10 s for measured insulation resistance (AMP)
  • Automatic adaptation to the existing system leakage capacitance (≤1 μF)
  • Detection of earth faults and interruption of the earth line
  • Insulation monitoring of AC and DC insulation faults for unearthed systems (IT systems) 0…800 V
  • Undervoltage detection for voltages below 500 V (adjustable at factory by Bender)
  • Short-circuit proof outputs for:
    – Fault detection (high-side output)
    – Measured value (PWM 5…95 %) and status (f = 10…50 Hz) at high or inverted low-side driver (MHS output)
  • Conformal coating (SL1301ECO-FLZ)
  • UL 2231 compliant
  • Monitoring for unearthed DC charging systems (IT systems) for electric vehicles


Optional accessories for ISOMETER® IR155-3210

TypeArt. No
Mounting kitB91068500
Connecting kit IR155-32xxB91068501

Variants of ISOMETER® IR155-3210

Type Art.No
IR155-3210Fixed default parameters
Ran: 100 kΩ
Under voltage detection: 0 V (inactive)
Measurement output high side
IR155-3210Parameters can be customised
Ran: 100…200 kΩ
Under voltage detection: 0…500 V
Fave: 1…10
Measurement output high side

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