The ISOMETER® isoPV485 is designed for insulation monitoring in photovoltaic systems. It is used for monitoring the insulation resistance between the solar modules and the inverter to earth. The patented AMP measurement method allows insulation faults to be measured with the same sensitivity at all points in the system. Another advantage of this measurement method is that symmetrical faults, as for example caused by humidity and dirt, can also be detected .

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  • Insulation monitoring for IT systems AC 0…800 V, DC 0…1000 V, 42…460 Hz
  • System leakage capacitance ≤ 100 µF, corresponds to a power generation capacity of approx. 100 kW
  • Combined LED
    – lights during normal operation
    –flashes in case of alarm or system fault
  • Potential-free output 2…10 V = 2 kΩ…1 MΩ for further processing in SCADA systems
  • Continuous self monitoring
  • Test and reset button (external)
  • 9-module enclosure (162 mm)
  • Unearthed AC/DC IT systems
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Solar power stations


Variants of ISOMETER® isoPV485

Ordering information
TypeNominal system voltage UnSupply voltage USArt. No.
isoPV485-421AC 0…800 V */DC 0…1000 V*DC 12…72 V*B91068144
* Absolute values of the voltage ranges

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