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OpenOR™ Over IP

OpenOR™ Over IP

  • Simplifies integration of operating theatre systems, devices and equipment
  • Enables procedures and operations be viewed and streamed outside the theatre
  • Improves training and conferencing capabilities for clinical staff
  • User-friendly touch screen interface to control image routing, and devices
  • Delivers remote access to live and stored images, image capture and video
  • Flexible installation to suit the needs of the end-user

Merivaara OpenOR™ is a high capacity, future-proof system that integrates all operating theatre devices, data and image management - enabling rapid display of images at near-zero latency. 

OpenOR™ incorporates the management and control of surgical lights, operating tables, cameras and environmental controls such as general lighting and air ventilation to deliver efficiency, ease of control and enhanced operating room experience for patients and staff. 

The over IP based audio and video management system enables flexible video routing between sources and displays. The high impact solution allows procedures to be viewed and streamed outside the operating theatre, enabling clinicians and students to consult and view live surgeries from other locations. 

The medical grade touch can be situated as preferred either on the wall, desk mount or within the theatre itself. 

Video: OpenOR™ Integrated Theatre Technology

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  • Controls operating lights, tables, general lighting, cameras, audio and air ventilation
  • Medical grade, LCD touch-screen interface
  • Flexible mounting and installation
  • Image and video source control
  • Simplified layout designed with OR staff
  • Large push buttons
  • Remote consultation with voice and video
  • Browser-based solution
  • Enables telemedicine
  • Standard and customised functionalities available
  • Connects to PACS and Hospital Integration System for Patient Worklists and Data Integration
  • Vendor-neutral - does not limit the connection of image sources from specific manufacturers
  • Video devices can be connected with a simple plug and play function
  • Operating theatres


Optional accessories for OpenOR™ Over IP

Accessories are available subject to the project requirements.

Variants of OpenOR™ Over IP

FunctionalityOpenOR™ Over IP
Video inputsunlimited
Video outputsunlimited
Controls RS-232/3.5 mm4 / unlimited
RJ-45 (LAN)1
Controls RS-4851
Touch screens1-2 pcs
Battery backupno
Physical size (mm)176 x 442 x 465
Power consumption190 W
Weight20 kg
Max resolutionunlimited
3D-routing supportyes

Specification dataAll models
Max temperature range (storage)0 °C to +50 °C
Normal operation temperature+10 °C to +30 °C (nominal)
Relative humidity10% to 85%
Power supply safetyIEC 60601-1
EMC emission/immunityIEC 60601-1-2
Medical device directiveMDD 93/42/EEC

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