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In terms of the human/machine interface, alarm indicator and operator panels play a crucial role. Their task is to take system information and transform it into clear instructions, particularly in the event of critical operating situations. The flexible TM800 panels provide solutions that meet the requirements of modern medical facilities as well as industrial and functional buildings. They are used for

  • indication and visualization of operating status and alarm messages;
  • central operation and parameter setting of BMS bus devices;
  • visual and audible indication of alarm messages;
  • displaying measured values and setting of response values for monitoring purposes

from Bender monitoring systems with BMS-bus capability, such as MEDICS, RCMS or EDS.

Furthermore, they are used for indication, control and operation of

  • operating theatre tables
  • medical gas supply equipment
  • air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • interior lighting
  • communication systems

and third-party systems. The integration of third-party systems in one single panel allows the creation of a kind of “technical control centre” in the appropriate room.

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  • Display, control and operation of Bender monitoring systems and third-party systems
  • Backlit clear LC text display (4 x 20 characters, 8 mm)
  • Display of additional text supplies medical and technical personnel with specific information
  • A set of LEDs, red, yellow and green, allowing messages to be indicated in an order of priority
  • 80 predefined standard texts in 20 languages
  • 1000 freely programmable message texts
  • Easy parameter setting with PC (USB interface) or menu
  • Memory with real-time clock to store 1000 alarm messages with date and time stamp
  • Variable illuminated pushbutton modules allow freely configurable function assignment
  • Closed foil surface allowing, easy integration of third-party systems, such as operating theatre table controls, medical gases, intercom systems, etc.
  • Control of third-party systems by flexible I/O modules with galvanic separation
  • Alarm LED at each input/output for fast diagnosis
  • Functions can easily be expanded by adding I/O modules
  • Clearly defined project structure due to an external and internal bus
  • Non-reflecting, multicoloured foil.
  • Optionally available with an antibacterial foil surface.

Optional accessories for TM800

TypeDesignationArt. No.
TMK-Set V4.xxsoftwareas Internet download
TMK-History V3.xxsoftwareas Internet download
USB driver software for MK2430, MK800 and TM800softwareas Internet download

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