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- This device series is in the discontinuation phase. -
Deliverable according to availability until 31.12.2023.

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  • Display, control and operation of Bender monitoring systems and third-party systems
  • Backlit clear LC text display (4 x 20 characters, 8 mm)
  • Display of additional text supplies medical and technical personnel with specific information
  • A set of LEDs, red, yellow and green, allowing messages to be indicated in an order of priority
  • 80 predefined standard texts in 20 languages
  • 1000 freely programmable message texts
  • Easy parameter setting with PC (USB interface) or menu
  • Memory with real-time clock to store 1000 alarm messages with date and time stamp
  • Variable illuminated pushbutton modules allow freely configurable function assignment
  • Closed foil surface allowing, easy integration of third-party systems, such as operating theatre table controls, medical gases, intercom systems, etc.
  • Control of third-party systems by flexible I/O modules with galvanic separation
  • Alarm LED at each input/output for fast diagnosis
  • Functions can easily be expanded by adding I/O modules
  • Clearly defined project structure due to an external and internal bus
  • Non-reflecting, multicoloured foil.
  • Optionally available with an antibacterial foil surface.

Optional accessories for TM800

TypeDesignationArt. No.
TMK-Set V4.xxsoftwareas Internet download
TMK-History V3.xxsoftwareas Internet download
USB driver software for MK2430, MK800 and TM800softwareas Internet download

Variants of TM800

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