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  • Current, voltage, frequency, power, harmonics, and much more
  • with data recorder functions
  • Modbus communication (TCP + RTU)
  • Accuracy 0.5 S

The digital universal measuring device PEM555 is suited for measuring and displaying electrical quantities of a public electricity network. The PEM555 is able to perform current, voltage, energy consumption and performance measurements as well as displaying individual current/voltage harmonics for assessment of the power quality. The accuracy of active energy measurements corresponds to class 0.5 S in accordance with the reqirements of DIN EN 62053-22 (VDE 0418 Part 3-22). The current inputs are connected via external …/1 A or …/5 A measuring current transformers.

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  • Accuracy class according to IEC 62053-22: 0.5 S
  • Measured quantities – Phase voltages UL1, UL2, UL3 in V – Line conductor voltages UL1L2, UL2L3, UL3L1 in V – Phase currents I1, I2, I3 in A – Neutral current (calculated) I0 in A – Neutral current (measured) I4 in A – Frequency f in Hz – Phase angle for U and I in ° – Power per phase conductor S in kVA, P in kW, Q in kvar – Total power S in kVA, P in kW, Q in kvar – Displacement factor cos (φ) – Power factor λ – Active and reactive energy import in kWh, kvarh – Active and reactive energy export in kWh, kvarh – Voltage unbalance in % – Current unbalance in % – Harmonic distortion (THD) for U and I – k-Factor for I
  • Programmable setpoint monitoring
  • LED pulse outputs for active and reactive energy
  • Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP
  • 3 digital outputs
  • Requirements of energy and current for particular time frames
  • Peak demands with timestamps
  • Individual, current/voltage harmonics up to the 31st harmonic
  • Minimum and maximum values
  • Waveform recording (6.4 kHz)
  • Data recorder
  • High-resolution waveform recording
  • Detection of transient events
  • As a compact device for front panel mounting, the PEM555 is a replacement for analogue indicating instruments
  • Typical application in low and medium-voltage networks (via measuring voltage transformer)
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Collection of relevant data for energy management
  • Cost allocation of energy consumption
  • High-resolution waveform recording allow analysis of power quality phenomena


Variants of LINETRAXX® PEM555

TypeInterfaceNominal system voltageCurrent inputArt. No.
PEM555RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 230/400 V5 AB93100555
PEM555-251RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 230/400 V1 AB93100556
PEM555-455RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 400/690 V5 AB93100557
PEM555-451RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 400/690 V1 AB93100558

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