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  • Forewarns developing earth faults
  • Response range from 10 mA to 30 A
  • Communicates via Modbus RTU
  • Enables remote condition monitoring
  • Compact, space saving design

RCM410R is a residual current monitor or earth leakage relay. It continuously monitors earthed (TN and TT systems) for residual or fault currents when paired with a relevant current transformer (CT).

This AC and pulsed DC sensitive residual current monitor connects to existing communications networks, enabling remote condition monitoring. In the event of a fault occurring, an alarm will be issued against pre-set threshold values between 10 mA to 30 A without causing shut-down. Two separately adjustable response values allow a distinction to be made between prewarning and main alarm (prewarning = 50…100 % of the set residual operating current IΔn).

Highly accurate and cost effective this device supports the reduction of risk and operating costs in facilities such as manufacturing, electrical plant, data centres, hospitals and other critical infrastructure applications. It can also monitor single conductors e.g. PE conductors, N-PE bridges or PE-PAS bridges.

Easy configuration via app

With the NFC function and the Bender Connect App you can easily configure the RCM410R via a smartphone.


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  • AC and pulsed DC sensitive residual current monitor type A according to IEC 62020
  • r.m.s. value measurement
  • Up to 247 monitors in the system
  • Residual operating current IΔn adjustable: 10 mA…30 A (42…70 Hz)
  • Supply voltage DC 24 V (-1) or AC/DC 100…240 V (-2)
  • LED strip measured value display
  • Adjustable response delay
  • One alarm relay (changeover contact)
  • N/C or N/O operation and fault memory behaviour selectable
  • RS-485 with Modbus RTU
  • Continuous measuring current transformer connection monitoring
  • Residual current monitoring in 2, 3 or 4-wire systems
  • Monitoring of power supplies for deterioration of the insulation level
  • Monitoring of earthed power supplies for stray currents
  • Monitoring of the central earthing point (CEP)
  • Current monitoring of single conductors de-energised under normal conditions


Variants of LINETRAXX® RCM410R-1/-2

TypeSupply voltage USArt. No.
RCM410R-1DC 24 VB74602000
RCM410R-2AC/DC 100…240 V; DC24 VB74603000

Downloads for LINETRAXX® RCM410R-1/-2



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