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  • As an alternative to the insulation test by means of periodic verification
  • AC/DC sensitive measured value acquisition type B
  • Pure DC fault evaluation
  • Applicable in a confined space
  • RS-485 with BMS Data can be visualised

The 6-channel residual current monitor RCMS150 is intended for measurement of AC and DC fault currents in earthed systems, which can emerge from insulation faults on loads with six-pulse rectifiers or one-way rectifiers with smoothing. The device can measure residual currents up to IΔ = 500 mA in a frequency range of DC 0…2 kHz. Two separately adjustable response values allow a distinction to be made between prewarning and alarm.
The device features an RS-485 interface which can be used to transfer measured values and alarm values. Setting parameters is also possible via this interface.

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  • Continuous residual current monitoring in compliance with DGUV Vorschrift 3 (German Social Accident Insurance Regulation 3)
  • AC/DC sensitive residual current monitor type B with 6 channels K1…6 (each channel features 2 measuring channels: 1 x RMS, 1 x DC)
  • Compatible with RCMS460/490 in a system setup
  • Ideal for applications with space limitations
  • Easy DIN rail or screw mounting to standard distribution panels
  • 2 separately adjustable response values (DC or r.m.s.) per channel
  • Continuous self monitoring
  • Fully shielded measuring current transformers to avoid external influences due to magnetic fields that may cause disturbances
  • Compatible with Bender gateways of type COM465IP, CP700
  • Up to 534 measuring channels in the monitored system that can be combined via BMS bus
  • RS-485 interface with BMS bus (Modbus RTU on request)
  • BMS address range 2…90
  • The device RCMS150 is suitable for measuring residual currents up to IΔ = 500 mA in a frequency range of DC 0…2 kHz. The monitored circuit is rated for a voltage of 300 V and a load current of 32 A. The device can be operated at an altitude of up to 2000 m above mean sea level.


Optional accessories for LINETRAXX® RCMS150

DescriptionTypeArt. No.
Mounting clip for DIN rail mountingB91080110
Condition Monitor with integrated gatewayCOM465IP*B95061065
Condition MonitorCP700*B95061030
RS-485 ZwischenverstärkerDI-1DLB95012047
Power supplyAN410B924209
Residual current monitor**RCMS460-D-1
* from function module C
** suitable for measured value and alarm indication only, not suitable for parameter setting

Variants of LINETRAXX® RCMS150

TypeNominal supply voltage UsArt. No.
RCMS150DC 24 VB94053025

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