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Equipotential Bonding Bar (EBB) Type 1 Non-ferrous

Equipotential Bonding Bar (EBB) Type 1 Non-ferrous

  • Universal Earth Reference Bar (ERB) enclose assembly
  • Dimensions - 400mm H x 300mm W x 77.5mmD

Patients and hospital staff must be protected from the risk of electric shock all times.

In accordance with the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671:2018 and the Health Technical Memorandum HTM06 01:2017, all Group 1 and 2 Medical locations are to have an Earth Bonding Bar (EBB).

The purpose of an EBB is to earth all extraneous conductive metal work and the earth pin of sockets either within or in reach of equipment that is moved into the patient environment to the same potential, reducing the possibility of potential differences that would cause current flow across a patient.  EBBs are installed within the hospital’s building infrastructure near the medical location which it serves.

This Type 1 non-ferrous EBB is constructed from non-magnetic materials and is designed to be installed in imaging rooms. The EBB can be used in conjunction with an EBB outside of the imaging area to detect the RF shielding, quench pipe and any other magnetic shielding. 

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