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Series VIT-A isolated power panels are equipped with an isolation transformer as well as with a changeover and monitoring module including all necessary monitoring components as to DIN VDE 100-7010 and IEC 60364-7-710 for IT systems:

  • Changeover device and voltage monitoring
  • Insulation monitoring
  • Load and temperature monitoring

The secondary side of the isolation transformer is equipped with at least 6 two-pole
circuit breakers. Group 2 sockets are being connected to these.
In order to reduce or avoid noise disturbance by air circulating fans, waste heat is
conducted by free convection.

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  • Automatic changeover and monitoring device ATICS® including monitoring of i.e.:
    - Voltage monitoring of incoming supply
    - Output voltage monitoring
    - Correct operating times
    - Changeover times
    - Insulation resistance
    - Load current
    - Transformer temperature
    - At least 6 two-pole circuit breakers B16A
    - Isolation transformer (3150 VA – 8000VA)
  • Variable changeover time t ≤ 0.5…15 s
  • Exchange of information by means of bus technology
  • Connection facility for remote alarm indicator and operator panels TM800 / MK800 / MK2430 / TCP
  • Sheet steel housing as to DIN VDE 0100-710 (VDE 0100-710):2002-11, section 710.51.2.2
  • Designed in accordance with the requirements of applicable standards
  • Voluntary certification of changeover device by the independent German technical service, testing and inspection organization (TÜV)
  • Group 2 medical locations


Variants of VIT-A

VIT-A-112S-5000 VAca. 145kgca. 200W
VIT-A-112S-6300 VAca. 150kgca. 210W
VIT-A-112S-8000 VAca. 160kgca. 230W
VIT-A-114S-5000 VAca. 155kgca. 200W
VIT-A-114S-6300 VAca. 160kgca. 210W
VIT-A-114S-8000 VAca. 170kgca. 230W
* Specification for energy efficient „Green Line“ Transformers.

Basic types
VIT-ANumber of circuitsDrawing No.Art No.
** Without transformer, the required power must be specified.
Other versions on request.

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