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The test system for electric beds and electrical equipment in compliance with accident prevention regulations. 

Intelligent and practice-oriented

  • Safe tests of electrical equipment, hospital and healthcare beds as well as medical electrical equipment without patient connections.
  • 4-Key operation
  • Easy-to-use
  • Standard-based classification help

    • Features
    • Applications
    • Accessories
    • Ordering information
    • Downloads
    • Easy and safe to operate
    • Automatic and manual test sequence
    • Data input via keyboard or barcode scanner
    • Visual inspection, functional test and electrical tests
    • Memory for 600 data records
    • UNIData 300 – for data exchange and storage
    • Compatible with common application programs z. B. visual FM, MT Data and Fundamed
    • Interfaces
    • RS-232 connection
    • PS/2-port for scanner and keyboard
    • Centronic connection for the printer
    • Standard Accessories
    • Carrier bag of robust design, universal carrying concept
    • Measuring lead with test probe and test terminal
    • Null-modem cable
    • Converter cable USB/RS-232
    • Data management software UNIData 300
    • Services
    • Calibration interval 36 months
    • 36-month warranty
    • Software updates for effective application in the future
    • Training courses for operators in Grünberg/Germany
    • Standard-compliant tests in accordance with:
    • IEC 62353:2007-05
    • DIN EN 62353 (VDE 0751-1):2008-08
    • ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 62353:2009-01
    • DIN VDE 0701-0702:2008-06
    • ÖVE E8701-1:03-01
    • The following tests can be performed
    • Protective earth conductor resistance
    • Insulation resistance
    • PE current
    • Equipment leakage current
    • Touch current
    • Measurement methods of leakage currents
    • Direct measurement method
    • Differential measurement method
    • Equipment leakage current -alternative measurement
    • Further measurements and tests
    • Mains voltage
    • Current consumption
    • Visual inspection
    • Functional test


    Mandatory accessories for UNIMET® 300ST

    Barcode scanner-PS/2B96020082
    DS32A Three-phase adaptor for testing medical electrical three-phase devices in operating condition (acc. to DIN EN 62353, DIN VDE 0751-1, DIN VDE 0701-0702)B96020098
    DS32 DCT Three-phase adaptor – passive Three-phase adaptor for testing from devices and cables not in operating conditionB96020100

    Variants of UNIMET® 300ST

    Country specific device
    UNIMET® 300ST (D/D)B96023000
    UNIMET® 300ST (CH/CH)B96023001

    Downloads for UNIMET® 300ST



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