Bender – a family-owned company with tradition

Engineering graduate Walther Hans Bender invents the ISOMETER®, which revolutionises the use of electricity thanks to the principle of insulation monitoring.
The ISOMETER® is patented and Walther Bender starts an engineering company in Gruenberg, Hesse, in 1946.
Walther Hans Bender founds Bender KG in Grünberg, Hesse
Dietrich Christian Bender takes over his father's company with 28 employees. He develops the company into a worldwide active business.
Foundation of Bender Inc., Exton, Pennsylvania (USA).
Building of a fully automated production facility in Siersleben, Saxony-Anhalt.
Bender presents the EDS-series the first isolation fault detection for unearthed systems.
Bender develops fault current and residual current monitoring systems for earthed power systems.
The third generation takes over the active management of the family company. Sabine Bender-Suhr becoms Managing Director of the newly founded Bender KG concentrating the business activities of all group companies.
Bender presents the ISOMETER®-product line for electric vehicles, followed by the iso-F1 developed for the Formula 1-KERS-systems.
ATICS® - Bender presents the first worldwide safest and most compact all-in-one changeover and monitoring device.
Construction of a new future-oriented innovation and final assembly works at the Gruenberg site.
Bender presents the new revolutionary ISOMETER® generation iso685.
Bender presents POWERSCOUT® - the first web-based software solution to detect malfunctions at an early stage and eliminate the causes in an economically reasonable way.
Bender is celebrating 80 years of ISOMETER® under the motto "Ready. Go. We're building the future".
Bender acquires a 90 percent stake in eBee Smart Technologies GmbH
Acquisition Eetarp Group, Singapore. Founding of a company advisory board with Dorothea Bender Fernández as chairman of the advisory board
Acquisition TechniSat GmbH Dresden
The family business can look back on 75 years of company history.