Industrial Services

Industrial Services

Our team has unrivalled engineering expertise developed over 20 years of working in critical industry sectors supporting OEMs, end users, consultants, and specifiers with safe, secure, electrical design, installation, and project delivery.

With in-depth knowledge of sectors like offshore, rail, defence, healthcare and e-mobility, we understand the importance of designing and maintaining critical electrical infrastructure, so it is safe and efficient – helping our industries deliver against their promise.

Prevent costly unplanned down time
Avoid system shutdown with continuous condition monitoring

Reduce the need for repairs due to negligence
Prolong the life of equipment with early fault detection

Ensure compliance with standards
Solutions in line with regulatory and quality standards such as BS7671:2018

Minimise operating costs
Forewarning of potential failure for early identification of potential problems

Maintenance and Testing

We provide a range of services to support planned and unplanned maintenance activities.

Through our expert service provision and cloud-based management of service schedules and engineer deployment, we support maintenance strategies and plans with flexible regimes designed around the individual needs of each client.

Our capability includes call-out and repair, preventative maintenance, and verification in line with relevant BS7671:2018 standards, and predictive maintenance regimes supported by monitoring and real time data analysis from Bender systems.

Engineering Surveys

Surveys and site investigations support end users in the field who don’t have the skill, know-how or resource to conduct a thorough review. Our skilled engineers provide analysis of electrical design and system health, supporting the identification and location of earth faults and insulation degradation.

Surveys ensure Bender devices are set-up correctly and enable a review of the system design. They are tailored to the installation and exact needs of the client.

Health Checks

Earlier generation Bender equipment can be upgraded to satisfy current standards. Degradation of equipment over time can impact the reliability and accuracy of system performance, potentially leading to failure and substandard output.

Health checks identify equipment deterioration and ensure optimum functionality, through the preservation, continuation, and prolonged life of equipment.

Life Cycle Upgrades

Ageing equipment can deteriorate over time. We offer system improvements, repairs, and retrofits as a cost-effective way to remain compliant and ensure reliability of infrastructure.

Site surveys are conducted by our team of engineers to support the life cycle upgrade process by identifying any recommendations on how to maintain or improve asset integrity.

Design, Installation and Commissioning

Our expert technical and engineering team ensure thorough, bespoke installation and set-up of Bender technology.

From design to completion, our project management team ensure systems are installed and tested in line with customer requirements.

Predictive Maintenance

Remote monitoring reduces the time, cost and risk associated with manual data collection.

Manual data collection is both time consuming and inconvenient to maintenance teams that could be spending their time more effectively.  It can also be a dangerous process in certain industries and therefore best kept to a minimum.

Bender insulation monitoring technology supports preventative and predictive maintenance regimes enabling engineers visibility of developing earth faults and insulation degradation.

Digital and cloud-based information incorporates data from Bender installed equipment which can be communicated across networks to report system health.

Periodic Inspection and Testing

Electrical equipment must be regularly maintained to ensure compliance with BS7671:2018.

Periodic Electrical Inspection identifies deteriorations and risks associated with ageing equipment, at the point of inspection. This manual electrical inspection regime can be supported with continuous monitoring as specified in BS7671:2018 651.2: “…Where a circuit is permanently monitored by a residual current monitor (RCM) or insulation monitoring device (IMD) it is not necessary to measure the insulation resistance if the functioning of the RCM or IMD is correct…”

Through incorporation of this technology, the need to switch off for insulation resistance testing is eliminated, allowing less intrusive inspection through the continuous monitoring.


In-house engineering teams responsible for the care and maintenance of electrical infrastructure and equipment benefit from training on how to use, install and interpret data from Bender technology.

We deliver customised training according to the industry and application, supporting the training needs of end users.

Training is provided by our expert engineers, on site, remotely or at our conference facilities. This benefits and upskills end users with the necessary know-how and ability to maintain and manage systems independently.


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