Turnkey healthcare solutions

An original equipment manufacturer, Bender is a global pioneer of electrical safety technology and a proven healthcare supplier. In the UK and ROI Bender UK is a reputable market leader in the provision of critical care power and surgical packages for group 2 medical locations.

With unrivalled expertise in the design, specification, project management and installation of Medical IT power systems (IPS), SIL Level 2 automatic changeover solutions (ATICS) and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), Bender UK is the partner of choice for healthcare design consultants, NHS Trusts, private medical groups, prime contractors and facilities management companies.

Over 500 hospitals in the UK and ROI have Bender UK systems installed, providing safe, resilient HTM compliant power, monitoring and clinical solutions. In addition, patients and staff at over 300 hospitals rely on Bender to provide 24/7, 365 technical support, call-out, maintenance and repair services.

If you demand high quality resilient healthcare equipment which maximises patient safety, you can rely on Bender UK to deliver the solution.


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