Electrical safety for trouble-free railway operation

A market leader in electrical safety, Bender UK has a proven track record in the rail industry with more than 1,000 rail signal protection systems installed across the UK’s rail networks over the last two decades. 

Bender UK ensure maximum availability of rail networks across the UK, preventing downtime to services and maintaining operational efficiency. Signal power systems are vital to the smooth running of the rail network. Failure or problems with these systems results in delayed services, fines and penalties for rail operators, and is a potential risk to the safety of personnel.

Bender UK’s advanced intelligent insulation monitoring and earth fault location technology continuously monitors electrical systems, instantly informing engineers of any changes that could cause risks to safety or issues to train services.

As an approved supplier to Network Rail, Bender UK works closely with industry leaders to develop and manufacture advanced, innovative continuous monitoring solutions for use on railway infrastructure.

Bender’s rail capability extends beyond signal power protection.  Solutions include monitoring of points heating units and motors, control voltage network monitoring of railway crossings, monitoring of systems onboard trains and underground networks, alongside predictive maintenance solutions and software used in rail systems worldwide.



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