The new ISOMETER® iso175

With the growing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, the question of their safety is also increasingly coming into focus. Bender, one of the world's leading suppliers of solutions that make electrical systems intelligent and safe, presents the ISOMETER® iso175, a pioneering insulation monitoring device that revolutionises safety in these vehicles.

The ISOMETER® iso175 is specially designed for unearthed drive systems (IT networks) in road vehicles. It continuously monitors the insulation resistance of the high-voltage system and communicates with a higher-level centre using various CAN protocols (standard Bender, SAEJ1939), depending on the variant.

The features of the ISOMETER® iso175 include:

  1. Patented, active measuring process
  2. Insulation measurement of voltage-free high-voltage systems
  3. High-voltage decoupling
  4. Detection of symmetrical and asymmetrical faults
  5. Continuous monitoring of the ground connection
  6. CAN bus interface
  7. Automatic adjustment to the system leakage capacitance (up to 10 µF)
  8. Integrated self-diagnosis
  9. HV connection monitoring
  10. Supply voltage: 12 V to 24 V

"With the ISOMETER® iso175, we offer vehicle manufacturers and operators a reliable solution to raise the safety of electric and hybrid vehicles to a new level," explains Tristan Remspecher, Product Manager at Bender. "We are proud to make a contribution to ensuring that these vehicles are not only environmentally friendly, but also electrically safe."

For further information and technical specifications, please visit our website.