Information on Possible Effects of Energy-Supply Bottlenecks

Despite the current economic challenges, the Bender Group continues to enjoy a steady and healthy growth. With circumspect risk management we have been able to compensate well for the economic repercussions of the Ukraine war and of the concomitant sanctions. Consequently, our ability as supplier has been affected only marginally.

The energy supply bottlenecks to be expected will affect us as a society, and they will harm us economically.

Currently, however, our production processes are not dependent on natural gas. We use gas exclusively to generate heat at the individual production sites. To support this, a newly installed liquid-gas tank will be available as emergency back-up starting with the first quarter of 2023.

We therefore do not foresee that our capability to supply will be compromised due to reduced or suspended gas deliveries.

However should there be a wide-area blackout or a power outage over a longer time, our production sites will be affected just as the entire infrastructure. Short-term power outages can be compensated for in the course of a day, and we are already examining possibilities of how to reduce also this risk to a minimum.

Moreover, in order to minimise the risk of supply bottlenecks due to an energy shortage at our suppliers' we have enlarged our warehouse capacities while at the same time examining together with our suppliers their risk assessment.

You can be assured that we shall do our utmost to avoid any adverse effect on our supply capability and that we shall inform you in good time about significant changes.

Bender GmbH & Co. KG

signed by Heinz Nowicki (CSO), Winfried Möll (CTO), Monika Schuster (CFO)