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Chargespot Berlin

Chargespot Berlin

  • Mode-3 electric vehicle (EV) charge station
  • For streetlight columns, street furniture, walls and other applications
  • Complies with IEC62196, IEC61851-1, IEC15118
  • End-user customisable enabling bespoke branding and colour choice
  • Master and Slave communication with up to 250 Slaves
  • Optional interfaces for various smart city functionalities
  • Adaptable for a range of different charging solutions
  • Power rating up to 22kW

Chargespot Berlin is a new Mode-3 electric vehicle (EV) charging station providing safe and fast charging. The solution is for public and commercial applications and designed to mount on streetlight columns, street furniture and walls.

Complying with all regulatory standards this EV charge station offers an adaptable solution that can be entirely tailored and customised to the end-user requirements. There is total flexibility in terms of where it can be sited, how the operator collects payment.

The innovative charge station provides excellent load and energy management, distributing available energy in a highly configurable, dynamic and effective fashion via Dynamic Load Management (DLM) grids and supported Multi Distribution algorithms. Up to 250 connected vehicles can be charged simultaneously, or if a single vehicle is connected it will receive all available power, as a result charging more quickly.

There is no specific backend system to connect to, allowing the operator to implement one of their own preference. Communication is therefore seamless between the operator and the preferred chosen backend system.

Manufactured by EBEE a Bender company, with Bender components inside.

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  • Dimensions 182 x 220 x 1052 mm
  • Power Rating of up to 22kW
  • Standard compliance with ISO / IEC 62196, ISO / IEC15118
  • Communication protocol (OCPP 1.5/1.6 with binary option and roaming capable)
  • RFID Authorisation (complying with Mifare Classic and Desfire EV 2 standards)
  • Control via App (iPhone or Android) or text message
  • Integrated meter EHZ-EDL 21 / 40, other smart meters available
  • Standard and customised colours available
  • Master and Slave communication with up to 250 Slaves
  • Automatic charge plug release in case of power blackout
  • RCD Type A sufficient for the charging station, RCD Type B not required
  • Type 2 socket
    The Chargespot Berlin is highly adaptable for a number of electric vehicles for different charging solutions:
  • Fleet electrical charging
  • Commercial electrical charging
  • Public electrical charging


Optional accessories for Chargespot Berlin

PLFUNK15118 Powerline function
EMERGEmergency actuator release
MP-1CPMounting pole (1CP) & group piece
MP-2CPMounting pole (2CP) & ground piece
WALL-MAWall mounting adapter
ETHERNETEthernet adapter for LAN connection
ICDIndividual colour design
IDPIndividual decal print
UVPE-RFIDUV PE plate print – RFID (minimum order of 5)
UVPE-CONTUV PE plate print – Controller (minimum order of 5)
SIMGONFIGBackend- and SIM-configuration
BACKOPBackend and Backend options

Variants of Chargespot Berlin

CSB16A-1Chargespot Berlin 16A 1phase (3,7KW)
CSB16A-3Chargespot Berlin 16A 3 phase (11 KW)
CSB32A-3Chargespot Berlin 32A 3phase (22 KW)

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