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Contempo Single Arm Pendants

Contempo Single Arm Pendants

  • Enhanced rotation
  • Increased range of movement
  • Improved distribution of patient services
  • High quality, versatile, flexible

Single arm Class 2 B ceiling mount pendants deliver greater movement and rotation compared to a fixed pendant. They are supplied with an arm style of choice, which connects to the ceiling fixture. A range of arms are available including height-adjustable and articulating.

They are easy for clinical teams to manoeuvre and position around the patient, providing up to 330° rotation from all joints. Single arm pendants are supplied with optional arm lengths, gas, data and electrical outlets. A comprehensive range of accessories is also available.

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  • Premium grade aluminium construction
  • Rotational options: Height - adjustable / Articulating
  • Fitted with medical rods and rails
  • Source head options: Up to 6 types available (see ordering information)
  • Electrical sockets, gas and data outlets: Variations available, specify at ordering
  • Blue sockets positioned at a 45° angle for wire and cable space
  • A variety of arm lengths are available (refer to ordering information)
  • 330° rotation from all joints
  • Emergency departments
  • Resus
  • Operating theatres


Optional accessories for Contempo Single Arm Pendants

There is a wide range of optional accessories available:
LED Examination Lamp
Shelf Wire Baskets
Medical Rails
Monitor Holders
Refracted Arms
Infusion Racks
Infusion Stands
Cable Holders

Variants of Contempo Single Arm Pendants

OK07-16 - Single articulating pendant
ArmArticulating arm
Ceiling load-Nm, -N
Source heads L06, L10, L12, L15, A, Z
Arm length options 450, 600, 800, 1000 mm
Rotation 330°

Source head optionsL06L10L12L15AZ
Maximum electrical sockets6121520815
Maximum data sockets122024301325
Maximum gas outlets + AGSS581012510
Payload (kg)150kg150kg135kg150kg150kg200kg
Weight (kg)55kg70kg60kg100kg50kg-
Medical rails222222
Medical rods2222--

OKO7-55 - Single height adjustable pendant

ArmArticulating arm
Ceiling load-Nm, -N
Source heads L06, L10, L12, L15, A
Arm length 800 mm
Rotation 330°
Lift500 mm

Source head optionsL06L10L12L15A
Maximum electrical sockets61215208
Maximum data sockets1220243013
Maximum gas outlets + AGSS5810125
Payload (kg)150kg150kg135kg150kg150kg
Weight (kg)55kg70kg60kg100kg50kg
Medical rails22222
Medical rods2222-

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