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  • Complete system overview
  • Parameter setting for all Bender devices
  • All Bender communication interfaces including PROFIBUS-DP
  • Displayed in the web browser, local software installation therefore not required
  • Adaptable to individual requirements by means of function modules

The COM465DP is a Condition Monitor with an integrated gateway. The intuitive COMTRAXX user interface provides a perfect system overview and allows simple and intuitive parameterisation of all connected devices. The user interface is based on HTML5 and is therefore future-proof and provides barrier-free access.

The COM465DP transmits data of all devices in the system via PROFIBUS-DP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, SNMP and PROFINET. TThis allows requests of all Bender devices with communication capability, such as EDS, RCMS, MEDICS or PEM systems, to be integrated into the protocols mentioned.  It provides several interfaces and can therefore integrate all Bender devices and also third-party devices into the system.

Existing interfaces:

  • RS-485 D-Sub: PROFIBUS-DP 
  • RS-485: BMS, Modbus RTU 
  • Ethernet: BCOM, Modbus TCP, SNMP, PROFINET

In addition, the functionality can be extended by function modules. This makes it possible to adapt the device to the respective requirements.

Now function modules A, C and E as standard for free. More information.

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  • Condition Monitor for Bender systems
  • Integrated modular gateway between Bender systems and TCP/IP enables remote access via LAN, WAN or the Internet
  • Range of functions adjustable through function modules
  • Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s) for remote access via LAN, WAN or the Internet
  • Support of devices connected to the internal or external BMS bus via BCOM, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP
  • Integrated gateway between Bender system and PROFIBUS-DP
  • Remote display of the latest measured values, status/alarm messages and parameters 1)
  • Gateway to Modbus TCP: Reading the latest measured values, status/alarm messages from addresses 1…10 of each interface via Modbus TCP
  • Gateway to Modbus RTU: Reading the latest measured values, status/alarm messages from addresses 1…10 of the internal BMS interface via Modbus RTU
  • Ethernet interface with 10/100 Mbit/s for remote access via LAN, WAN or the Internet
  • Setting of internal device parameters and parameters of devices connected via Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP 2)
  • Time synchronisation for all assigned devices
  • History memory (20,000 entries)
  • Data loggers, freely configurable (30 x 10,000 entries)
  • 50 data points from third-party devices (via Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP) can be integrated into the system
  • A virtual device with 16 channels can be created
  • Support for external applications (e.g. visualisation programs or PLCs) by means of the PROFIBUS DP protocol.
  • Reading the latest measured values, status and alarms messages from all assigned devices. Uniform access to all assigned devices by means of PROFIBUS DP via integrated servers.

    1) Indicating parameters of BMS bus devices is only possible when the gateway is connected to the internal BMS bus.
    2) Parameters can be set via web application and externally (via BMS/ICOM/BCOM), but not via Modbus or PROFIBUS. The parameters of assigned devices can only be read; function module C is necessary for modification of settings!


Variants of COMTRAXX® COM465DP

TypeSupply voltage/
frequency range US
Power consumptionApplicationArt. No.
COM465DPAC/DC 24…240 V,
50…60 Hz
≤ 6,5 VA/≤ 4 WCondition Monitor with integrated gateway:
Bender system/PROFIBUS DP/Ethernet

Function package (software license)
PackageApplicationArt. No.
Function package AIndividual text messages for all devices/
channels, device failure monitoring, e-mail in
the event of an alarm, device documentation
Function package BProvision of data via via Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU,
Function package CParameter setting of all integrated devices,
device backups
Function package DVisualisation applicationB75061014
Function module EVirtual devicesB75061015
Function module FIntegration of third-party devicesB75061016

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