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COMTRAXX® CP9…-I series

COMTRAXX® CP9…-I series

  • Improve engineering efficiency in industrial applications
  • Continuously monitor installations with one holistic overview
  • Integration and visualization of all Bender and third-party devices
  • Future-proof technology due to software development
  • Display sizes available (7" and 15.6")

The COMTRAXX® CP9…-I is a series of glass touch control condition monitoring and alarm panels, for use in industrial applications such as manufacturing and plant.

CP9...-I is a quick and intuitive solution for the control, visualization, and alarm of connected electrical systems. It integrates data from Bender devices into one comprehensive overview in combination with third-party devices connected via Modbus TCP or RTU. Data from the connected devices feeds into the CP9...-I, enabling the status of installations to be continuously monitored.

The in-built condition monitor and gateway enables values to be measured via a web browser or integrated display. The device has easily interchangeable display options that visualise the specific information required. Flexible in its design, it has a number of options for indication and alarm to suit the needs of end users, to ensure optimal configuration and output.

CP9...-I series is available in a 7” or 15.6” display with tempered non-reflective glass. The robust surface and design of the device suits a range of demanding industrial environments.

Condition monitor CP915-I available as of Q1/2023

Existing interfaces:

  • RS-485: BMS, Modbus RTU
  • Ethernet: BCOM, Modbus TCP, SNMP, PROFINET


You can find out more about the advantages of the COMTRAXX® CP9…-I series here.

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  • Display size 7" and 15.6" with tempered and anti-reflective glass
  • Easy to clean and disinfect, degree of protection IP54
  • Screwless mounted front plate
  • Condition monitor for Bender systems
  • Integrated modular gateway between Bender systems and TCP/IP
  • Remote access via LAN, WAN or Internet
  • Support of devices that are connected to the internal BMS bus, via BCOM, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP
  • Individual visualisation can be generated, which can be viewed via the web browser or on the display
  • Silent due to operation without fan
  • High-quality representation with excellent contrast, high resolution and a wide viewing angle
  • Possibility of graphical integration of building plans or status display in photo quality
  • Visual and acoustic notification in the event of an alarm
  • Monitoring and parameter setting of all Bender products that support communication
  • Mounting in the control cabinet door so that all information is immediately visible
  • Commissioning and diagnosis of Bender systems
  • Remote diagnosis and remote maintenance
  • Control stations in all areas
  • Monitoring and analysis of data centres


Mandatory accessories for COMTRAXX® CP9…-I series

TypeArt. No.
CP9xx-I replacement plug kitB95061910
CP9xx-I suction lifter*B95061911
CP907(-I) surface-mounted enclosureB95061915
CP915(-I) surface-mounted enclosureB22301077
STEP-PS Power supply units - DC 24 V/1.75AB94053111
* The suction lifter is required to remove the display of the CP915-I

Variants of COMTRAXX® CP9…-I series

Complete devices
TypeDisplay sizeSupplyDevice dimensions
(W x H x D)
WeightEnclosureDisplay unitArt. No.
CP907-I7" (17,6 cm)DC 24 V, < 15 W226 x 144 x 78 mm1,1 kgFlush-mounting enclosureGlass, tempered, whiteB95061031
CP907-I7" (17,6 cm)DC 24 V, < 15 W226 x 144 x 65 mm1,0 kgControl cabinet door mountingGlass, tempered, whiteB95061032
(available as of Q1/2023)
CP915-I15,6" (38,6 cm)AC 100…240 V, < 30 W505 x 350 x 92 mm6,1 kgFlush-mounting enclosureGlass, tempered, whiteB95061033
(available as of Q1/2023)
CP915-I15,6" (38,6 cm)AC 100…240 V, < 30 W505 x 350 x 92 mm6,1 kgFlush-mounting enclosureGlass, tempered, greyB95061034
(available as of Q1/2023)
Scope of delivery: Display unit, control cabinet door mounting or flush-mounting enclosure incl. mounting plate with electronics, CP9xx connecting cable and plug kit. Note: A suction cup is required to remove the display (see accessories)

Individual components
Device seriesTypeArt No.
CP907-I Flush-mounting enclosureB95100140
CP915-IDisplay unit whiteB95061090
CP915-IDisplay unit greyB95061110
CP915-IFlush-mounting enclosure incl. mounting plate with electronicsB95061092

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