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LINETRAXX® VMD461 with CD440

LINETRAXX® VMD461 with CD440

  • Voltage monitoring up to 1200 V
  • All functions are represented in ANSI codes
  • 3-stage voltage and frequency monitoring with a corresponding response delay
  • Can be used optionally for a wide variety of system configurations such as AC, 3AC, 3NAC and DC

The multifunctional voltage monitoring relay VMD461 monitors frequencies, undervoltages and overvoltages in DC, AC and 3(N)AC systems. The phase voltages and/or line-to-line voltages are measured as r.m.s. value and are continuously shown on the device display.

The measured value required to trigger the alarm relay is stored. The VMD461 features additional measuring functions for:

  • ROCOF df/dt
  • Vector shift monitoring
  • Unbalance monitoring
  • Phase sequence monitoring

The corresponding ANSI codes for all available measuring functions are provided. Configurable delay times allow considering special installation-specific properties (e.g. device-specific start-up procedures). The VMD461 requires an external supply voltage.

The optional use of a CD440 coupling device extends the voltage range that can be monitored to DC/3AC 1200 V or 1AC/3NAC 690 V.

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  • When combined with a CD440 coupling device, DC systems up to 1200 V, 1AC systems up to 690 V, 3AC systems up to 1200 V and 3NAC systems up to 690 V can be monitored
  • All functions are represented in ANSI codes
  • Monitoring of DC, 1AC, 3(N)AC systems DIN EN 60255-1:2010-9
  • Single-fault safety
  • Unbalance, phase failure and phase sequence monitoring
  • Monitoring of the connected switches and/or disconnectors (configurable: NC/NO/off)
  • Islanding detection df/dt (ROCOF)
  • Vector shift function
  • RS-485 interface (data exchange/parameter setting/software update)
  • Test function to determine the switch-off time
  • Test button for the trigger circuit
  • The last 300 network faults can be recalled with time stamp/real-time clock
  • Continuous monitoring of the phase voltage and line-to-line voltage
  • Special switch-on conditions after an infringement of a response value
  • Language selection (German, English, French)
  • Backlit graphic LC display
  • Password protection for device setting
  • Remote shutdown via ripple control signal receiver
  • Sealable enclosure
  • Monitoring of voltage-sensitive machines and installations
  • Switching installations on and off at a certain voltage level
  • Protection of three-phase motors against phase failure and phase open-circuit
  • Vector shift detection for protection of electrical machines
  • Islanding detection ROCOF (rate of change of frequency)
  • Transformer protection by recognising asymmetrical load


Optional accessories for LINETRAXX® VMD461 with CD440

Coupling device
TypeArt. No.

Condition Monitor
TypeDevice variantsArt. No.
COM465IPwith an integrated gateway: Bender system/Ethernet
AC/DC 24…240 V, DC, 50…60 Hz
function module A
Individual texts for devices/channels, device failure monitoring, e-mail in the event of an alarmB75061011
function module B
Modbus TCP server for max. 98 * 139 BMS nodes as well as BCOM devices and
universal measuring devices, SNMP server
function module C
Parameter setting for BMS devices as well as BCOM and universal measuring devicesB75061013
function module D
Visualisation of Bender systems, system visualisationB75061014
function module E
Virtual devicesB75061015
function module F
Integrating third-party devicesB75061016
CP700for the connection of Bender BMS devices and universal measuring devices to TCP/IP systemsnB95061030

RS-485 repeater
TypeSupply voltage UsArt. No.
DI-1PSMAC/DC 24 V ± 20 %B95012044

Variants of LINETRAXX® VMD461 with CD440

TypeSupply voltage UsArt. No.
VMD461-D-2AC/DC 100…240 VB93010047

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