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The CD25000 is intended for use with an NGRM… NGR monitor only. The CD25000 can be used in HRG systems with a system voltage up to ULL = 25 kV (UNGR = 14.5 kV).

The maximum operating altitude is 5000 m above mean sea level.


  • Coupling device for NGRM
  • Range of use up to AC 25 kV/DC 14.5 kV system voltage
  • Application up to 5000 m


  • The coupling device is suitable for HRG applications up to AC 25 kV and/or DC 14.5 kV.

Downloads for CD25000

Datasheets CD25000 349.8 KB DE2020/03/19 06:25:3519.03.2020 06:25:35D00347
Datasheets CD25000 348.2 KB EN2020/03/19 06:25:4519.03.2020 06:25:45D00347
Datasheets CD25000 349.6 KB FR2020/03/18 13:15:3918.03.2020 13:15:39D00347
Manuals CD25000 406.4 KB DE2022/12/02 11:07:2402.12.2022 11:07:24D00347
Datasheets CD25000 328.1 KB ES2020/04/27 05:19:3427.04.2020 05:19:34D00347
Manuals CD25000 402.7 KB EN2022/12/02 11:07:5002.12.2022 11:07:50D00347

CD25000 Variants

TypeNominal system voltage UnArt. No.
CD25000Up to ULL =25 kV (UNGR = 14,5 kV)B98039055