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Bender PACS Console

Bender PACS Console

  • Critical care PACS Console
  • Full HD and Ultra-HD 4K imaging display
  • Keyboard or touchscreen control
  • Modular, customisable design
  • Optimised for infection prevention
  • Silent operation, fan-less technology

A picture archiving and communication system (PACS) allows theatre staff to store and view medical images.

This Bender PACS Console is intended for use in hospital areas where high resolution imaging is required such as theatres and anaesthetic rooms. It has an ultra-HD image display that can be linked to a HD camera in the operating light and can also be used as an operating room console for viewing medical files and X-rays.

The toughened screen is made of aluminosilicate-glass with an anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint coating. The screen is IP65 rated, dust proof and has a screw free fascia with round corners to reduce the accumulation of bacteria.

The intuitive design incorporates unique cooling technology to ensure the panel remains at an optimal temperature. It is silent in operation and turbulence free due to the absence of fans.

The PACS Console is modular and customisable for any theatre configuration. Available in a variety of sizes from 21” to 55” in either landscape or portrait orientation, choice of two colours, with a rugged foldable keyboard or touchscreen control option.

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  • Anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint toughened glass
  • Full HD available in 21” 24” 27” 32” 42” 49” and 55”
  • 4K available in 27" 32" 43" 49" 55"
  • High quality, robust design
  • IP rating 65 and dust proof
  • Incorporates cooling technology
  • Grey and white colour options
  • Available in both portrait and landscape
  • Keyboard or touchscreen options
  • Ultra-Low Voltage PC’s including latest generation i5 and i7
  • Optional DICOM Pre-set Function
  • Switch from PACS to surgical camera images
  • Operating theatres
  • Anaesthetic rooms
  • Critical care areas
  • Radiology
  • Orthopaedics


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