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Surveys, maintenance and upgrades

Surveys, maintenance and upgrades

  • Rail signal power survey and verification
  • Engineering inspection & health check
  • Communications test
  • Performing test & reset
  • Fault simulation
  • Lifecycle report
  • Commissioning report
  • Repairs & upgrades
  • 24/7 technical support & service
  • Periodic & annual services

Critical infrastructure equipment should be regularly serviced and maintained to prevent unplanned failure.

Conducting routine surveys and maintenance of signal power equipment will ensure systems are accurate, reliable and operate effectively. Upgrading earlier generation technology will also guarantee improvements in capability, speed and accuracy of monitoring. 

Bender health checks are performed by our expert engineers and are designed to test system health, identify potential equipment deterioration and ensure optimum functionality, through the continuation and upgrade of legacy equipment.

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  • Check equipment condition
  • Checking communications
  • Performing test and reset
  • Low/risk impact fault simulation
  • Lifecycle report
  • Commissioning forms for RS systems
  • First fix spares and repairs
  • Engineering support
  • Weekend, weekday, out-of-hours, public holidays
    Rail signalling, relay rooms and trackside locations with earlier generation equipment


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