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Bespoke Medical IT System Products  
Bender's bespoke Medical IT System known as an isolated power panel is flexible, tailored to the specific needs of the hospital.  
Modular Medical IT System Products  
Bender's Modular Medical IT System is flexible, efficient and is designed for a demanding healthcare environment.  
ISOMETER® isoPV1685DP Products  
Insulation monitoring device for unearthed systems in photovoltaic systems  
Q-Flow Fluent Operating Light
Q-Flow™ Operating Lights Fluent, Vision, Intelligent Products  
Q-Flow ™ operating lights are designed for general and specialised surgical procedures with maximum illumination for operating theatres.  
LINETRAXX® SmartDetect RCMS410 Products  
Four-channel DC, AC and pulse current sensitive residual current monitor for earthed AC, AC/DC and DC systems  
COMTRAXX® CP305 Products  
Remote alarm indicator for hospitals  
LINETRAXX® CTAS Series Products  
Divisible measuring current transformer  
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Products  
Designed for surgical and clinical facilities, and counteract all likely failure modes.  
ISOMETER® isoNAV685-D-B Products  
Insulation monitoring device for offline monitoring of de-energised loads  
AN450 Products  
Power supply unit, output: AC 20 V, 500 mA (for MK2430)  
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