Electrical Safety Training

Electrical Safety Training for enhanced performance

Electrical Safety Training

Bender UK is a proven trainer in the field of electrical safety systems, specialising in insulation monitoring and fault location technologies used in onshore, offshore and subsea applications.

The effectiveness of insulation monitoring and fault location devices can depend on adequate system design, configuration and set-up. Training can support both commissioning and ongoing use of historical Bender installed devices to ensure systems and platforms are safe and work as intended.

Bender training helps operators and maintenance teams understand and identify alarm faults on ungrounded IT systems, so necessary action can be taken to rectify and improve system health and maximise the effectiveness of insulation monitoring devices. Training is also available on ungrounded TN systems.

Bender UK possesses offshore survival, training and insurance certificates. Training courses and programmes are tailored to the needs of the client and can be delivered both onshore and offshore

Recommended systems for insulation fault location: