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The CD1000-2 can be used with an NGR monitor in HRG systems with a system voltage ULL up to 1000 V (UNGR ≤ 600 V).

The maximum operating altitude is 5000 m above mean sea level.


  • Coupling device for NGRM
  • Range of use up to AC 1000 V/DC 600 V system voltage
  • Application up to 5000 m


  • The coupling device is suitable for HRG applications up to AC 1000 V and/or DC 690 V.

Downloads for CD1000-2

CE Declarations of conformity CDx 76.0 KB 2022/08/12 06:17:2212.08.2022 06:17:22
Manuals CD1000-2 447.6 KB DE2022/12/02 11:07:2102.12.2022 11:07:21D00345
Manuals CD1000-2 476.7 KB EN2022/12/02 11:07:4702.12.2022 11:07:47D00345
Datasheets CD1000-2 386.8 KB DE2019/09/10 10:02:5610.09.2019 10:02:56D00345
Datasheets CD1000-2 385.0 KB EN2019/09/10 10:03:0810.09.2019 10:03:08D00345
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Datasheets CD1000-2 353.4 KB ES2020/04/27 05:08:1627.04.2020 05:08:16D00345

CD1000-2 Variants

TypeNominal system voltage UnArt.-Nr.
CD1000-2Up to ULL =1000 V (UNGR = 600 V)B98039053