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Q-Flow™ Mobile
Q-Flow™ Mobile

Q-Flow™ Mobile Operating Light

  • Superior lighting where you need it
  • Portable, easy to use and manoeuvre
  • Designed by surgeons for surgeons
  • With all the properties of the award-winning Q-Flow™

Mobile operating lights enable flexible operations in demanding, rapidly evolving hospital environments.

Q-Flow™ Mobile is a portable operating light that can be easily manoeuvred and transferred through hospitals.

This mobile operating light incorporates the same features as the award-winning Red Dot Q-Flow™ light with the exception of the base.

The light head is mounted onto a stable yet portable unit, with a splash proof base for easy clean.

The Q-Flow™ has an easily adjustable deep column of light to illuminate the surgical area. It has excellent colour rendering with a red rendering value of R9 99, for definition of tissues and blood vessels and an R13 value of 99 for accurate skin colour. The green ambilite reduces eye stress and fatigue during laparoscopic surgery.

The Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC™) feature provides light in every circumstance even when the light is obstructed the remaining light beams increase intensity to compensate, eliminating shadow in the area.  

This portable light is easy to control via a small touch panel. The sterile Intueri™ handle, located on the outside of the light head allows surgeons to easily access and adjust the illumination and light field size.

Q-Flow™ Mobile operating light is available with an optional wireless full HD camera, situated in the centre of the light head. The camera can be retrofitted and removed for use in other lights.  


  • Manoeuvrable with a stable construction
  • Splash-proof base for easy clean
  • IP65 rating for excellent protection from fluid and dust ingress.
  • Optimised for an OR’s air flow (Q-OptiFlow™)
  • Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC™)
  • Intuitive Sterile Surgeon Control (Intueri™)
  • Excellent colour rendering
  • Green ambilite
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Deep column of light
  • Wireless full HD Camera
  • Energy efficient LED technology
  • Up to 50,000 hours operational lifetime; at a user rate of 10 hours a day/5 days a week


  • Imaging
  • Orthopaedics elective
  • Orthopaedics trauma
  • Ophthalmic and ENT surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Day surgery
  • Gynaecology and Urology
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Neurology and spinal surgery
  • Thorax and kidney surgery
  • General treatment

Q-Flow™ Mobile Operating Light Variant(s)

The Q-Flow™ Mobile has the main part number - 520211 and is available in the following variants:

Light headQ-Flow 4Q-Flow 4iQ-Flow 6Q-Flow 6i
Part numbers520243520244520253520254
Primary voltage100…240 V100…240 V100…240 V100…240 V
Secondary voltage24 V24 V24 V24 V
Illumination intensity at 1m distance140000 lx140000 lx160000 lx160000 lx
Depth of illumination (20%)1400 mm1400 mm1700 mm1700 mm
Depth of illumination (60%)700 mm700 mm750 mm750 mm
Colour temperature3800/4500 K3800/4500 K3800/4500 K3800/4500 K
Light field200…340 mm200…340 mm200…380 mm200…380 mm
Light field diameter, value d10310 mm310 mm330 mm330 mm
Light field diameter, value d50170 mm170 mm180 mm180 mm
Working distance700…1700 mm700…1700 mm750…1800 mm750…1800 mm
Colour rendering index (Ra)98989898
Red colour rendering index (R9)99999999
Number of LEDs69699090
Average lifetime of LED>50 000 h>50 000 h>50 000 h>50 000 h
Size of light head560 mm560 mm700 mm700 mm
Weight of luminaire13 kg13 kg16 kg16 kg
Skin colour rendering index (R13)99999999
Integrated dimming (%)10…100 %10…100 %10…100 %10…100 %
Turbulence intensity, DIN 1946 (%)35 %35 %15.9 %15.9 %
Power consumption (W)110110150150

Optional Accessories for Q-Flow™ Mobile Operating Light

Merimote™ remote control

Downloads for Q-Flow™ Mobile Operating Light

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