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  • A Remote Alarm Indicator according to IEC 60364-7-710
  • 5” Touch display with a hygienic glass surface
  • Visual and audible operating, warning and alarm messages
  • Simple clear-text messages and a traffic light colour code
  • For MEDICS® systems, Bender’s EDS, RCMS and third-party systems (UPS and medical gases)
  • Replaces the MK2430, ideal for new systems, conversion and retrofitting


The CP305 Remote Alarm Indicator is Bender’s new standard for monitoring medical IT power systems (IPS) in intensive care units and accident and emergency departments. The alarm indicator and test combination is the base model of the well established CP series and replaces the successful MK2430 devices. With its 5” touch display, a new user interface, extended connectivity and innovative functions, it is the ideal solution for new and converted systems and for retrofit measures.

CP305 visually and audibly indicates alarm messages from MEDICS® and Bender’s EDS, RCMS systems. The messages appear on the touch display in clear text with comprehensible handling instructions. Its traffic light display clearly indicates the urgency of each alarm, thus providing staff with a good overview of all systems and enabling them to act fast if problems occur. CP305 offers flexible parameterization and supports more than 25 languages. Its high-quality glass touch display facilities intuitive operation and is easy to clean.

The CP305 can be installed in the same wall box as the MK2430, thus allowing seamless retrofit replacement. It can be used to connect different wards or rooms via bus technology. After installation, all parametrization tasks and updates can be carried out via remote maintenance, meaning that no service technician needs to enter the medical facilities. The connection between CP305 and the changeover and monitoring modules is implemented with bus technology.


  • 5" touch screen
  • Parameter setting via web server, display or Bender Connect app
  • Freely programmable alarm messages
  • Flush-mounting and surface-mounting version
  • Easy replacement MK2007/MK2430 (retrofit)


  • For medical locations and other areas

COMTRAXX® CP305 Variant(s)

TypeArt. No.

Optional Accessories for COMTRAXX® CP305

DescriptionArt. No.
Flush-mounting enclosureB923710
Cavity-wall installation set for flush-mounting enclosuresB923711
CP305 surface-mounting enclosureB95100153
CP305-IO plug kitB95100151
Ethernet adapter kit (RJ45 socket insert, Cat.6 SLIM patch cable)B95100152

Downloads for COMTRAXX® CP305

Datasheets COMTRAXX® CP305 410.6 KB DE2022/09/28 09:30:0628.09.2022 09:30:06D00425
Datasheets COMTRAXX® CP305 407.9 KB EN2022/09/28 09:46:2428.09.2022 09:46:24D00425
Manuals COMTRAXX® CP305 4.0 MB DE2022/09/22 08:40:3422.09.2022 08:40:34D00425
Manuals COMTRAXX® CP305 2.8 MB EN2022/09/22 08:40:3422.09.2022 08:40:34D00425
Quickstarts COMTRAXX® CP305 1.1 MB 2022/09/28 09:36:3928.09.2022 09:36:39D00425