Uninterrupted operation in the server room

IT environment

An IT environment requires either an in-house server room or a service from an external data centre operator. This server room must be easily accessible and the power supply must be secured so that it is fail-safe. Monitored power distribution boards have active measured value recording and AC/DC sensitive fault current monitoring to optimise energy use and protect against unwanted interruptions of power circuits. User-definable threshold values and local or remote alarms highlight and warn of any errors and reduce the risk of unwanted shutdown or overloading of power circuits. They record fault current monitoring and energy consumption data and are available in real time, so that data centre managers can make sound decisions regarding necessary maintenance measures, load distribution and the correct sizing of the IT environments and thus reduce overall operating costs. According to the BITKOM planning guide for operationally safe data centres, one or more residual current monitoring systems must be used in the feed to the racks in order to guarantee continuous monitoring without shutdown. All information collected by the RCMS is then forwarded via a gateway to a permanently manned office, e.g. the control centre. Alternately, there are also PDUs with built-in Bender intelligence, e.g. from Bachmann.

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ETSI EN 301605 Environmental Engineering (EE); Earthing and bonding of 400 VDC Data and Telecom (ICT) Equipment
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