Power Monitoring in hospitals

Residual current monitoring

Infrastructure Visibility and Test Without Disconnect


Bender Residual Current Monitoring System (RCMS) technology provides a solution to ensure hospital managers have early visibility of potential developing electrical issues within their entire hospital as well as providing cost saving benefits associated with periodic insulation resistance testing of TNS circuits.

As a continuous monitoring system it offers a cost-effective, disruption-free alternative to the disconnection test which, in conjunction with an effective management strategy, fully satisfies the requirements of BS7671. Once installed RCMS ensures that TNS circuits will never have to be disconnected in the future for testing.

Product overview Residual current monitoring
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Recommended systems for residual current monitoring:

Power Quality and Energy Measurement

Universal measuring devices to monitor electrical installations


Bender PEMs, when incorporated into the IPS installation, provide additional benefits to estates teams and energy managers by monitoring and providing information on electrical values including voltage, current, frequency and energy use. The PEMs can also be connected to hospital building management systems to enable remote monitoring.

In addition, Bender PEMs can be used to monitor power distribution systems across healthcare estates where interference is an increasingly frequent occurrence. They continuously monitor harmonic content and the electrical supply providing warnings of any developing issues in order to ensure safe and secure operation of a hospital’s electrical installation.

Risks such as overload or changes in energy consumption can be monitored, assessed and dealt with accordingly.

Product overview Power Quality
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Floor/wall mounted Isolated Power Systems

Compact electrical safety in operating theatres and intensive care units

[] IT Verteiler

In group 2 rooms, the use of unearthed systems (IT systems) is a requirement as an interruption to the power supply is potentially life-threatening to the patients being treated. Treatments cannot be interrupted and repeated, tests results need to be saved. The mandatory use of the IT system means the medical electrical devices/systems remain active on a first fault and there is no dangerous increase in the touch voltage.

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Recommended equipment and distribution boards:

Analysing and reporting:

Recommended systems for insulation monitoring:

Recommended systems for insulation fault location:

Recommended transformers:

Recommended equipment and distribution boards:

Recommended systems for permanent monitoring:

  • DIN VDE 0100-710
  • HD 60364-7-710
  • IEC 60364-7-710
  • IEC 60947-6-1


Find out today what won't happen tomorrow


POWERSCOUT® is a web-based software solution which helps detect malfunctions at an early stage. POWERSCOUT® integrates data from Bender RCM, PEM and third party devices. It is particularly suited to healthcare facilities as it reports on the status and condition of the site’s electrical infrastructure, enabling pro-active maintenance and preventing unplanned downtime. POWERSCOUT® continually collects measurements and generates user specific reports. The automated reports on residual currents form the basis for measuring without switch off.

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Analysing and reporting:

Condition Monitoring

control room

Hospitals are centrally controlled and monitored. Data and alarms recorded locally should be forwarded to the central control room with no delay. Access to the Bender monitoring devices is simple and intuitive via a dedicated web server. Bender Condition Monitoring makes analysis, troubleshooting and visualisation of your whole system easier.

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Recommended gateways:

Analysing and reporting:

DIN VDE 0100-731
Errichten von Niederspannungsanlagen - Teil 7-731: Anforderungen für Betriebsstätten, Räume und Anlagen besonderer Art – Abgeschlossene elektrische Betriebsstätten

ETSI EN 301605

Environmental Engineering (EE); Earthing and bonding of 400 VDC Data and Telecom (ICT) Equipment - Erdung und Potentialausgleich von Einrichtungen der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik mit DC 400 V in Rechenzentren und in Betriebsgebäuden der Telekommunikationstechnik (Anerkennung der Englischen Fassung EN 301 605 V1.1.1 (2013-10) als Deutsche Norm)